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Building the reputation

Founded in 2011 by Manuel De Jesus, MD, Turbines began in a leased space of 4,000 square feet and only three employees. In the following years, we managed to increase our space and founded our sister companies with great effort. Focused on becoming a company that provides the highest quality to our customers, we employ over 125 staff and operate out of a new 125,000 square foot facility with an additional 140,000 square foot facility dedicated to store turbine engines and aircraft parts.

MD Turbines was founded

Started with 4,000 sq./ft. Lease space and seven employees

Early Years

Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association Accredited (AFRA) follows AFRA Best Management Practice for used aircraft parts & for recycling of aircraft materials.
Increased leased space with over 16,000 sq./ft.

Our New Home

Purchased a 28,000 sq./ft. building Headquarters: 8080 W 26 Ct. Hialeah, FL 33016. In addition, MD Turbines Logistics was founded.


Leased additional 4,000 sq./ft. space

Pursuing Excellence

Purchased four adjacent lots of 8,400 sq./ft. Used to store engine stands.
Quantum Control – Launched MRO and Logistics software.
Started FAA 145 Repair Station Certificate Process

Building the Dream

Total of 23 MDT and 9 MDTL full-time employees.
MD Turbines Logistics now owns 11 long-haul trucks.
Looking to add another 10,000 sq./ft. storage facility.

Highlights Of The Year

Opened MD Turbines Repairs. Received FAA 145 Certification Leased 23,000 sq./ft. for storage of engines and engine stands.
Purchased an additional 14,000 sq./ft. of office/warehouse space.
Grew to a family of over 50 employees.
Completed over 200 teardowns.


Ordered four additional semi-trucks, MD Turbines Logistics moved to their new headquarters.
Completed over 230 engine teardowns.

Continuous Growth

Moved headquarters to 125,000 sq./ft. Facility for all companies to be under one roof.
– MD Turbines Disassembly
– MD Turbines Logistics
– MD Turbines Repairs
Leased 35,000 sq./ft. in the same corporate park for carpentry and storage only.
Grew into a family of over 80 employees. Completed over 250 teardowns.

Moving Forward

– Survived Covid-19
– Acquired CTPAT Certification
– CBP Firms Code (BCC) LCM2


Repairs started their part services
- Automated NDT Services
- Eddy Current Inspection
- Ultrasonic Immersion Inspection
Expanded our Logistics services to Alaska.

Continuous Grow

– Obtained an additional 105,000 sq Ft
- Expanding Disassembly and Repairs

md turbines

Our Culture

Exceeding customer expectations through leadership, understanding, and knowledge.

Photo of the whole team

our mission

Maintain a high-quality turbine engine disassembly facility, by constantly striving to exceed customer expectations. Quality and customer satisfaction are our primary goals. Through continuous training, communication with our customers and expanding our line of engine teardown, repair and logistics services, we will elevate the standards of quality in our industry.

our vision

Exceed the Industry Standards
Always be the client’s number one go-to company when it comes to engine teardown, repairs, or logistics needs.

Photo of the Management team

Our Management Team

Meet our team of highly qualified individuals who focus on going above and beyond customer expectations.

Manny de Jesus


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Manuel De Jesus is the Founder and President of MD Turbines, MD Turbines Repairs and MD Turbines Logistics. He has an A&P license and has worked in various capacities in the aviation industry. His passion for aviation started at the age of 16 and developed to the point where in 2011, he decided to start his own company to be able to meet the changing needs of the clients in the industry. Today, with over 20 years of experience, his drive continues to be intact & his businesses continue to grow. In 2017 he received the FAA certificate, and in 2021 he was recognized by the GMAA with a Corporate Achievement Award.

Matt Maritza

VP of Logistics

Born and raised in Staffordshire, England, Matt Maritza is the Logistics Director with over 25 years in the industry. His efforts have helped MD Turbines Logistics grow exponentially in the last 4 years with a goal of 50 trucks by 2025.

Photo Jessie Cardenas VP of Repairs of MD Turbines

Jessie Cardenas

VP of Repairs

Born and raised in Miami, Jessie Cardenas is the Director/ Accountable Manager of MD Turbines Repairs. He has an A&P license and A.S in Aviation Management from Miami Dade College. Jessie is a second generation in aviation since his father also owned a Repairs Shop. Today, Jessie brings over 25 years of experience to the MD Turbines family.

Edda de Jesus

VP of Client Services

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Edda De Jesus is the VP of Client Services at MD Turbines. With a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, one of her top skills is the optimization of complex processes/organizations, which makes her the adequate person responsible for ensuring client satisfaction as well as streamline business operations at MD Turbines. Edda joined MD Turbines back in 2015 and brings over 20 years of proven expertise in the management field.

Maggie Burghardt

Vice President of Accounting

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York, Maggie joined the MD Turbines’ Accounting Department in April 2012. She has been in the aviation industry since 1998. Maggie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Dominican World University.


Cindy Fadragas

Accounting Manager

Cindy Fadragas was born and raised in Miami, FL. Her curiosity for Business began at a young age. She was then introduced to the Aviation Industry, where she knew she had found her most significant interest. In 2012, she began working part-time at MD Turbines as an Administrative Assistant, and in 2014 joined the Accounting Department full-time. Cindy graduated from Florida International University with her bachelor's degree in Business Administration. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, she continues to expand her knowledge and grow.

The MD Turbines team is determined to succeed and maintain the highest quality in every aspect of the services provided to our valued clients.

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